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Upon Return

John & Sherlock, bit of Greg
Warnings: Bad language (poor John)
Spoilers: S1&2 a bit
a/n: I found this on the Google Drive this morning, totally forgot I'd written it. It's before series 3 so that's why there are plot inconsistencies. It made me laugh though, so I thought I'd share.

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How the Hunger Games SHOULD have ended...

The Hunger Games
Characters: Katniss, Peeta, Haymitch, Effie, Johanna
Rating: meh, not high
Warnings: none, just possible spoilers

a/n: Okay, I'd say don't read this because of spoilers, but to be honest, you probably could because if you don't know how the Hunger Games really ends then it could be taken for fact or completely out of fact. Either way, you probably shouldn't though. Just so you don't complain to me about anything I've given away ;)  Anyway, this is meant to be funny and in no way true. This is how I believe the stories should have ended.

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Character(s): John Harrison
Rating: 12A
Warnings: Threats of violence, mild spoilers
a/n: Come on, it's Benedict! This is very short, but I'll probably add to it in future when I have less going on. :) --fs

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In Exelsis Deo

Characters all
Rating 12
Warnings nen
a/n Hiya! This is a songfic based o In Excelsis Deo There Will Be Firework who are a brilliant band so check them out on youtube or something. It's a lovely song, really puts you in a Christmassy mood! Anyway, hope you all have a good one! Happy Christmas and new year! Here's to 2013!! --fs

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Captain America vs Computers

CHARACTERS: Steve, Tony, Thor, Bruce, Natasha, Clint, Nick Fury
RATING: 12. There's nowt bad in it. 

a/n: I dunno how this one happened. But I'm pretty sure me and my mate started talking about how Steve would be around computers and Tony trying to teach him and Thor. And, let's face it, it was too funny not to write down. The ending's a bit off coz I kinda ran out of ideas, but you can't have everything, can ya? Thanks for reading :)

CapvscompCollapse )

Back in the game

BATMAN (Nolan)
CHARACTERS: Mainly the Joker, but there are mentions of Harley, Scarecrow, Robin and Batman kinda has to be around, really.
WARNINGS: Swearing, violence, murder.
RATING: 15 was the highest we got, so 15 it is.

a/n: Hii, how are you all doing? First off, I have no computer at the moment (it's a lot worse than I ever imagined a computer breaking would be!), I'm using my boyfriends and so as not to clog up his hard-drive I'm writing everything on here. Why am I telling you this? Um, well, because I'm using Firefox and it isn't spell check enabled. I know I can do it somehow on here, but I kinda need to get the animals fed before it gets dark and freezing so I can have my tea and laugh at the Emmerdale live episode in peace later on. So there'll probably be a fair few mistakes here and there. If you point them out constructively, I won't hate ya, but if you're rude, well, I still won't hate ya coz that's too much effort but I might be a little annoyed. I'm kinda ill too, so this has came from the pits of boderline-hallucinogenic fever-brain and illness-caused nightmares, which is why it's fucking crazy. I can picture it really well in my head, well, the final scene anyway, the rest I just pulled out my arse to make it into a proper story. Anyway, thanks for being around and reading and all that. I appreciate it.

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CHARACTERS: The Joker, sorta brief encounter with Brucie and Alfred, but it's not huge or anything.
WARNINGS: um, swearing and  a little tinge of violent imagery. Not much of either though. Also, spoilers for The Dark Knight but I guess that's old news now anyway, right? (NEVER!)

a/n: Hiya. I'm very tired and it's pissing down (again, when's it not?) and I got soaked today going to the shops for my George-mouse (that's an actual mouse, too, not a pet name for my boyfriend or owt. I actually went to the shops, in the rain, for a mouse, to get him some toys to cheer him up coz he's not been well. This is after the £60 vet bill too. *Cough* It seems to be working...? (Actually, he's asleep. So it probably isn't!)) and, boom, this popped into me heed. So I needed to write it down. Sorry if there are mistakes, I'm not into an early morning routine yet so I'm getting < my required 4 hours sleep a night and it's slowly killing me... If anyone points them out to me, I'll alter it up. 

Synopsis is this: Take yourself back to the start of The Dark Knight, when the Joker is in Gotham but no one knows he's there. When he's waiting for the right moment and reason to strike. I'm leading him up to the start of the film. 

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